Valentine dinner prep.

Cherry Delight dessert done and ready to go in the fridge for Sunday’s Valentine Dinner with my girls. I’ll be sharing the inspiration behind this meal on tomorrow’s blog.  Look at that fresh organic whipped cream on top.  😋❤

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Dinner is served!

Lemon pepper wings, Smoky rub hot wings, and grilled romaine lettuce hearts with homemade blue cheese dressing, and fresh crumbled Stilton blue cheese and bacon bits.  When you know what you are doing in the kitchen, you can drop them food pics 👇 like a Beyoncé album. Lol! #NaturaleFoodie

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Winging it.

About to throw a quick meal together for my daughter and I, wings!  We didn’t have wings for Super Bowl, so we are making up for them today.  I’m doing   Lemon pepper wings on one side, and Smoky rubbed hot wings on the other.  For a side, instead of celery sticks and blue cheese, I am going to halve some Romaine lettuce hearts, drizzle with olive oil, and grill, and make homemade blue cheese dressing to drizzle on top along with a sprinkle of fresh bacon bits.  Clean, delicious eats, is what this Naturale Foodie is about.  I’ll post the finished meal shortly.

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Good Food requires repeating…Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Frittata, Baked Apple Crisp.

Yesterday my girls helped me out at my Naturale Foodie Cooking Class, and requested I do a repeat for them.  So being the Foodie mother that I am, I whipped up two of the breakfast dishes featured at the event.  Since it’s Sunday (and you know Sundays are made for decadent eating…at least in my house, Lol!), I went in a little heavier on the cheese, maxed out the salmon, and added extra butter, maple syrup, nuts, and cinnamon to the apple crisp, and finished those babies off in the oven so we can take our pick of grazing savory or sweet today.  Me, I plan to oblige both.  Now let’s hope I have a bottle of Prosecco and tangerine juice to make a mimosa.  I’m so extra… Lol!

Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Frittata

Baked Apple Crisp


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Up Your Cheese Game.

Since I had a big salmon salad for lunch, it’s a cheese plate for dinner. Stilton blue cheese, Grand Cru, 4-year vintage cheddar, and triple cream French Brie with cashews, sliced apple, and red wine. Getting in good fats, fruit, protein, and resveratrol.  What I love about cheese, besides obviously the yummy taste it brings to the palate?  It is satiating.  All it takes is a little taste of this or that, and your stomach is satisfied.

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Proof in the “pudding” leaving.

Woke up feeling “lighter” this morning and thought I would hope on the scale  …you know, to see what if anything had transpired since indulging myself during the holidays.  140.5, 5.5 pounds of weight loss to be exact, down from 146 on Dec. 28th, a week ago from today.  Yay!

First of all, before I share what I did, let me say a true Foodie never frets.  She enjoys sampling all the holiday delectables, not once concerned about the  extra pounds that might be accumulating on the thighs, butt, and midsection because she knows how to reign it in when necessary.  A natural Foodie keeps the balanced wisdom of knowing that although food can get her in trouble, it can also be used to help get her out of trouble.  How?  By pushing back on all the heavy hitting foods that pack on weight, eating cleaner, and incorporating some form of exercise to help tighten the ship back up.  

The week after Christmas, I cut out sugar drastically, limited grains, like corn and oats, and ate a double portion of vegetables with my meals along with meats.  Did I eat good?  Oh yes, you bet’s to believe it!  😂 (taken from a line in Beyonce’s video, “Formation…after all, that is what I’m trying to do) Lol!  I dined at my favorite restaurant, Connor’s, and had grilled steak with extra steak butter, a salad, plus vegetables, mango smoothies, kale lemonade green drink, chicken salad, big salads with full fat dressing and crumbled blue cheese, spaghetti with meat sauce, a glass of red wine, and even had a Paleo cupcake to help get a sweet fix satisfied.  All this, coupled with Bikram hot yoga and Pilates, and drinking lots of water.  No sweet tea.  That was huge for me.  I stopped drinking my calories, only iced water with slices of fresh citrus.  The only tea I have is a hot cup of Tulsi organic tea with holy basil at night before bed with a tbspn of raw honey.  

So the point being, once you understand food, how it works, what causes weight gain, and are eating mindfully, meaning you are fully aware of what is going into your mouth and the benefits or repercussions to that food choice, you are 80% equipped already for success because you know the action plan needed to do battle in the kitchen and get you back on track at a moments notice.  These are the principles I look forward to sharing with my group of attendees at my cooking class.  I practice food, by practicing on myself, first.  Oh, you wait until summer when I show up looking svelte like J- Lo, without the jello.  👌

Check out these helpful links below on which discuss two of the main culprits to weight gain:  wheat, grains, and sugar.


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Intro to Naturale Foodie Class

Happy New Year, and welcome to the Naturale Foodie Cooking Class! As a personal chef, it is my pleasure to share with you my love for food, as well as the tools you need to create fabulous food, while maintaining your fitness and weight goals.  
The upcoming cooking class scheduled locally will focus on clean eating, and I will take you through the ropes of getting your kitchen in order for success, reading labels, grocery shopping, as well as demonstrating recipes and techniques in the kitchen to make clean eating fabulously delicious!   To sign up to attend the local class, see flyer here:

So why start with food? Because your success depends on how you work it out in the kitchen. Total fitness results is 80% of what you do in the kitchen, and 20% of what you do in the gym. That means that 80% of your success depends on the food you eat, not at how often or strenuous you work out. Go figure, as I am sure there was an 80% increase in gym memberships this week alone! That is backwards. There is an adage that says, “You can’t outrun your fork,” and for most, that fork is the “heaviest” piece of equipment they are working with. Lol!  

I want to see you succeed, and that starts with changing our mindset on food:

1. While food is a source for nutrition, it can be enjoyable.

2. Be open to unlearning what you “thought or told” was healthy, even if it goes against mainstream advice, and educating yourself on how food works.

3. Know that you have the tools (your hands) and can learn the creative skills to become the food maven in your own kitchen!

Allow me to lead the way. Below, I am sharing with you a couple of links that explain what is clean eating, ingredients used in clean eating. Also, make sure to subscribe and follow this blog as I will be sharing new as well as previous blog posts I have written that will aid and entertain you on how to have fun in the kitchen and eat GOOD!

Feel free to ask any questions and comment on the blog posts. I LOVE to chat with my followers, and my kitchen seat here is always open for you to stop by and chat food.

Talk to you soon!

Your’s Foodie,


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