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Simple Clean Salad

Piddling around the house, hungry, and scraped up a clean meal from whatever I saw around. Spring mix lettuce, blue cheese, dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice), and crumbled bacon someone had cooked and left on the stove from breakfast. A little drizzle of white basil garlic vinaigrette made it complete. Yes, you can scrap something up, and still eat clean. Just buy real, whole foods, and you can piece together a “whole” meal. It’s really just that simple.


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Grilled Grass-fed Ribeyes

Grass-fed Ribeyes, finished with herb butter and blue cheese. Always leave a little time to finish your steaks under the broiler. That’s what most great steakhouses do. Yum!


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Clean Eating: Grass-fed Ribeyes and Good Full Fats

It’s midweek, and I’m in the kitchen about to throw together a quick meal to get us through this hump day. I have a couple of beautiful grass-fed Ribeye steaks I plan to grill up and serve with blue cheese on top. If you are trying to eliminate grains from your diet, don’t forget to look at how the meat you consume is raised and fed. Most conventional meats are raised on a corn-fed diet, which makes them more fattier, and not healthy for you as corn is inflammatory, and one of the most genetically modified foods we should stay away from. A good documentary that brings this to light is “Food, Inc.” which I recommend everyone to watch at least once in their lifetime. Anyhow, grass-fed beef is much healthier for you, and although a little drier and less fatty than corn-fed beef, can be prepared to be equally as satisfying by liberally coating in olive oil before cooking, and including grass-fed butter to enhance the flavor and add another layer of healthy fat. Something about saying butter and fat in the same sentence makes me happy…Lol!

Yes, full fats are good for you, and can make a simple meal incredible! Tonight, I have some leftover herb butter from Sunday’s dinner I will dollop over some grilled asparagus, a nice spring mix salad with olive oil and garlic vinaigrette, and the star attraction…grilled ribeye steaks with melted blue cheese. Doesn’t sound like a typical Wednesday meal, but it can be, any day of the week, when you creatively use clean, whole food ingredients, and make good fats work for you. Eat up!



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