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Gluten- free homemade biscuits


Homemade biscuits are back! I cannot tell you how happy I was to find that King Arthur (a brand I trust and love) had a new baking mix out. Although I love Pamela’s baking mix for pancakes and waffles, I was searching for another baking mix for biscuits and scones. Well honey, let me tell you! I made biscuits for breakfast on Sunday (using a modified recipe that King Arthur provided, along with tweaks of my grandma’s recipe, and they were delicious! Every bit reminiscent of a biscuit you need spread over in butter, dripping with molasses, or smothered in gravy. I used my iron cast iron biscuit pan to bake them in, and used a square biscuit cutter to press out my biscuit dough. Cream cheese biscuits are next on the agenda. Hurt me!

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Ribeye, medium/medium well


See, this is why I can’t give up red meat. A ribeye done right gets me every time. How do you like yours? I like mine medium/medium well. Pink enough and done enough to be tender and juicy. Black and bleu salad is for dinner tonight!

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Butter, butter, and more butter!


So I happened to be at Costco and snagged a great deal on my favorite butter, Kerrygold Irish butter, in which I got 1.5 pound cartons for $5.49 each. I got so excited I purchased 10 cartons (which equals 30 half pounds, or 15 pounds of butter) to be exact! You think I like the stuff?! Lol!

I am crazy about quality butter, it makes all the difference in anything you cook. I love Kerrygold because it is grassfed butter, so not only do you get the deep golden richness from the butter, but it is also more nutrient dense compared to regular butter. I blogged a while back about the difference in grassfed versus regular butter, and showed pics of even the color difference in quality (with grassfed butter being a deeper, more concentrated yellow). Aside from looks, the proof is in the taste, so whatever you dish you add it to in cooking will sing with flavor. This is a staple in my kitchen, along with ghee, which I use interchangeably. Since I cannot always afford to purchase grassfed meats, using this over the meats I cook, from chicken to beef, gives me that little grassfed element of flavor.

Your food is only as good as the quality of ingredients you use. The key to making dynamic food is not in the how complicated the recipe, or the number of ingredients used, but rather in the simplicity of quality ingredients paired together. Make the change to grassfed butter and experience the richness and moistness it has to offer.

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Chicken with fried sage leaves, Roasted butternut squash, and Roasted Asparagus




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