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Dinner is served: Beef Bourgionne Stew


Time to dig in! After 3 hours in the Dutch oven it is ready. Wheat Belly eating at it’s finest!

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Beef Bourgionne Stew in the making…


Thinking of a hearty stew to make today, and Beef Bourgionne Stew came to mind. When I make stew, I don’t usually use stew meat, I prefer chuck eye steak. If you are not accustomed to eating chuck eye steak, please get acquainted with it. It is the “ribeye” equivalent to the chuck roast, and has nice marbling, which is what you want in a nice stew. Plus, it is economical. I bought fresh chuck eye steak at my local healthy food market for around $6.49/lb, then cut at home in chunks to go in my stew. It truly is a delicious, buttery, juicy cut of meat that serves well in dishes like this. Who wants chewy, dry, round beef in a stew? Not me.

Although I have made Beef Bourgionne in many variations, today I combined the best of what I wanted to “taste” in a stew, like caramelized mushrooms, red peppers, carrots, trinity vegetables, garlic, plum tomatoes, fresh rosemary stock, and red wine. I had a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon on hand that I used. I will then cover with a lid and place in oven to cook for hours until the meat is tender and juices and wine have reduced to flavor the stew.

I must warn you, this stew called for a lot of wine, and I used over half a bottle’s worth, but I am TOTALLY okay with that, if you are… Lol! 😉


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Money-pinching at the meat counter


Buying quality meat from Earth Fare and other healthy grocery stores can be expensive. One thing you will find is unlike your regular conventional grocery store, supply is not always a static thing, so you have to get it while the getting is good, and while it is available. It is almost like that farm to table idea. I usually scour the meat dept. at Earth Fare at least once a week, and if there is a great sale, or the meat cuts are looking really good that day, I buy at least 2 packages, one for now, and one for a future meal. I’m always building meals in my head and buying what I know we intend to eat. Then each week I plan meals around what I have on hand. I am not one prone to having lots of food in my freezer or fridge, so I tend to buy fresh what I we will consume weekly to make dishes, but as far as meats, I will freeze store them to use within a month or 2.

We discussed at our recent GF workshop how to cut costs in the meat department, especially chicken, by buying whole and getting butcher to cut it up for you so you can arrange your own packages to store in freezer. They can cut it whichever way you like, whether butterflied, deboned, cut in quarters, halves, or eight pieces. I usually separate by white and dark meat, so I can pull what my recipe calls for, and if I need a combination of both, I pull one of each. Earth Fare had a great deal with whole chicken on sale at $1 a pound, and from all the precut pieces in the meat case, I didn’t see anything that could match that! Why pay $3.29/lb for split chicken breasts when I can get it for $1/lb? Makes no “cents” to me (pun intended).

And by the way, since you’re saving, think about protecting your purchase. Quality meat is an investment these days, so if you can, protect it with a good Foodsaver. Those days of wrapping in foil and hoping against freezer burn are over.

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Broccoli Casserole (WB)


We tried this recipe out the Wheat Belly 30 minute cookbook and it was delicious! It used almond flour, which I am not accustomed to cooking with, but it worked nicely. This dish tastes like homemade macaroni and cheese with broccoli, but of course no noodles. We served it with roasted chicken breasts. This recipe gets 2 thumbs up!

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Seared Scottish Salmon, Sautéed French Green Beans with garlic, and Fried Plaintains


Dinner is served. This meal is both pleasing to the eye and the appetite. Salmon is one of those things that intimidates people to cook, but if you have a hot cast iron skillet and some olive oil, you are good. I season salmon lightly and sear salmon flesh side down for a few minutes until nicely browned from the searing, then flip over on bottom skin side and finish in the oven on 375 for about 5-7 minutes. The result is tender, flaky, always juicy salmon…every time. And don’t throw away the skin. Leave it on as it helps hold the salmon together as it cooks and the natural oils from the skin keeps it juicy. To me, eating that crunchy skin is the best part. 😉

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Miniature Sausage, Sweet Peppers, and Swiss Cheese Frittatas


Bam! You don’t even have to tell me these look good. I came up with this breakfast version in my head, and made it happen in the kitchen this morning. It is filled with bulk breakfast sausage, onions, sweet peppers, fresh thyme, and Swiss cheese. They were then overfilled and cooked in my cast iron biscuit pans to get that crispy “puff” happening. You can make a big batch and reach for these as a quick breakfast or snack. I love them because it is a supreme breakfast “all-in-one,” with protein, dairy, and vegetables.

Have one, will you. They are wheat belly and gluten-free friendly. 🙂

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Smoked Mozzarella Meatballs with Marinara (Gluten-free)


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