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“Make No Provision”: Wheat Belly Challenge Kickoff


“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.” (Romans 13:14). I know you’re wondering what does a scripture have to do with food? I’ll tell you…

Today, I sit here 1 day before embarking on our January “Wheat Belly” Food Challenge, which means no wheat, gluten, grains, sugar, caffeine, refined or processed foods, no artificial ingredients, and no starch. My mind is willing, but I know my flesh is weak; weak from all the morning fix rituals and late night indulgences we call our typical American diet. Weak from grandma’s weekend biscuit traditions and Southern sweet tea charm. And lastly, weak from the convenience of fast food and quick bite conveniences that litter the streets and avenues we drive down everyday.

I start this challenge well aware that it’s going to cost me something. Someone was quoted as saying “You have to be willing to let go of the things that are killing you, even if it’s killing you to do so.” That’s why this scripture speaks to me, “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the desires thereof.” I know I can’t do this in my own strength, nor will I attempt to try. If I could, I wouldn’t be sitting here with a wheat belly flanking my midsection that has over the years drowned out my body’s plea for help. God has a way of stretching you to the limit, gently nudging you in areas that you are not ready for, directing His finger on things that demand your attention that you may have overlooked, or just simply wanted to ignore because you was not ready to let go. I am thankful that my family (husband and children), along with a host of my dear fitness sisters and friends, have deemed themselves ready, and will be journeying on this food challenge, each with their own personal health goals they hope to achieve. Last night, my family unit and I had a real conversation of how we “think” individually we are going to initially cope. Some stated they might be angry and feel sad, some downright mad (Lol!), and some feeling depressed or melancholy.

Thank God we have the assurance the detox and withdrawal process should only last a week, only if we are willing to surrender to the process, lay it all on the line, and make no provision for the flesh. When withdrawals seem too much to bear, I will make no provision. I will not complain. I will ONLY focus on what I CAN have (meats, dairy, vegetables, fruits, legumes (beans), nuts, healthy oils, water, along with a few other allowances)…not on what I can’t have. This is my own personal crucifixion. By the end of January, I hope to resurrect to a better, healthier me. Let’s do this! Cheers to smaller bellies and healthier bodies!


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Christmas Edition: Hams

Here’s what’s in store for Christmas this year!



Ham is so fitting for Christmas, and today I want to share two of my favorite ham recipes – Cola Ham, as pictured above, and Bourbon Gingersnap Ham. This Cola Ham takes it’s name from the main ingredient, you guessed it, coca-cola. It reduces down into a nice syrupy glaze that envelopes an oh’ so tender ham. I personally like a half bone-in ham (shank or butt portion, though butt has more meat). To kick up the recipe, I score the ham slightly with a knife in a diamond pattern (this helps flavoring to get into ham), rub the ham down in ground cloves first, dress with pineapple rings and cherries using toothpicks, then drizzle with honey and brown sugar. I then proceed to cook the ham, basting with the cola as it cooks. Since most hams you buy from the grocery store are already fully cooked, there is no…

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Baked Rice Custard Pudding


And here it is, fresh out the oven after baking for a little over an hour. You probably see the cinnamon stick peeking through. I threw one in before baking for a richer depth of cinnamon flavor to infuse the rice custard as it baked. For now, I’ll leave it in while it cools, then remove. She’s just waving to let you know this is rice pudding…for real!

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Gluten free Chicken Alfredo


Here’s a peek at dinner tonight, Gluten free Chicken Alfredo. Aside from the time it took me to grill the chicken breasts, it only took me 10 minutes to put this together. And no, I did not use jarred Alfredo sauce, I made my own. I cringe when I see people in the supermarket buying jar “everything” when they can make it at home. I mean, how complicated is heavy cream, butter, and Parmesan cheese? Just a sprinkle of fresh chives on top, and we are golden!

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Baked Rice Custard Pudding…in the making.


I couldn’t decide whether to title this rice pudding or rice custard, so I just named it both. One thing I do know, is that it is good! This is an adaptation from Paula Deen’s baked rice pudding (God rest her soul wherever she is at). I’ve had many versions of a rice pudding, with some being dry, too much rice, etc., but as I am a creamy, custard type of girl, I fell in love with the nice custard layer that develops on top of the pudding once it bakes. They key to this recipe is definitely a water bath for the rice pudding to cook in. You’ll know it’s done when you can see a slight jiggle when you shake the dish (let’s just hope this doesn’t cause too much jiggle on my thighs…Lol!). You probably see the cinnamon stick peeping out. I threw one in to add a deeper element of cinnamon to the dish, and because I think it looks “purty.” See you in a few when it’s done. I’ll be waiting up for this one.

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Fresh apple spice cake (Gluten Free)



If I could talk to my food, (which I do on occassion…Lol!) I would tell this spiced apple cake, ”You have been missed.”  This from scratch cake is loaded with granny smith apples, raisins, toasted walnuts, and dusted with a little confectioner’s sugar for good measure.  And of course, it was lovingly prepared to be gluten free.  Have some, will you? For your enjoyment, you can find the recipe at the top of the home page under the recipe hyperlink titled “Fresh apple spice cake (gluten free).” Please comment and let us know what you think!

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Shrimp Linguine with Fresh Gluten Free Pasta


This is what I was working on at 11:00 last night…smh. I was all comfortable resting in bed until my daughter brought to my attention the shrimp I had forgotten I was defrosting. I had to act quick to go ahead and prepare this meal on the spot. It was so incredibly easy to prepare, lots of fresh simple ingredients, like large wild caught shrimp, butter, shallots, minced garlic, fresh rosemary, lemon, red pepper flakes, and white wine. The star in my opinion, besides the wild caught shrimp, was my favorite fresh gluten free pasta from RP’s Pasta Company, which can be found at your local healthy food grocery store. It is amazing! I was so thrilled to find a fresh pasta in a gluten free version, and word has it that Oprah had featured this pasta on one of her shows touting it as her favorite. If it’s good enough for her, well, you know the rest.

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