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Skirt Steak Carne Asada


Just took these beautiful skirt steaks off the gas grill to rest, while I finish grilling sweet peppers and onions to make a Carne Asada salad. This is my go to salad when I want something quick and flavorful in the red meat category. I start off by marinating my steaks in a mixture of worcestshire, lime juice, liquid hickory smoke, Bragg’s liquid amino acids, and pineapple juice. I season steaks on both sides with sea salt and pepper, then place in marinade and let it absorb all those flavors for at least 8 hours. Then I fire up the grill with a few wood chips and let cook for about 5 minutes on each side until medium to medium well, let rest to absorb the juices, and cut against the grain in thin slices. Whether served over a salad with peppers, or used for fajita style corn wraps, this is a perfect way to take a cheaper cut of steak and make it fabulous! And yes, it is as tender and juicy as it looks. Boom ya!

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Dinner is served: Beef Bourguignon, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Baked Organic Sweet Potato


This was delightfully delicious. I must confess, this was my first time cooking Brussel sprouts (why I waited so long I have no idea), and they have become a new favorite. Roasting the sprouts caused the leaf skin on the outside to crisp up a little, while leaving the inside nice and tender.

I had no problem saying to everyone at the table, “Eat your Brussel sprouts.” It was more like, “Please save some for tomorrow!”

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Beef Bourguignon in the making…


I know you wasn’t expecting this for dinner on a Tuesday. This beef stew dish is filled with browned chuck eye steak and applewood bacon, carrots, portobello mushrooms, pearl onions, San Marzano plum tomatoes, garlic, red Moscato wine, beef stock, and fresh thyme. It is actually a recipe that was tweaked from the Barefoot Contessa to make it my own. Now into the oven this goes to cook for 3 hours. The result will be a slightly sweet and savory stew dish that will go perfectly alongside roasted Brussel sprouts, perfect on this beautiful September day. I’m thinking of throwing together a few baked sweet potatoes to complement the whole experience. See you in a few when everything is finished, and plated…

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Ginger Roasted Carrot Soup


Getting a jump start on lunch for tomorrow by fixing this tonight. This soup serves my “sweet tooth” in a healthy way by the natural caramelized sweetness you get from roasting the carrots. I prepared this by roasting 2 pounds of organic carrots, onions, celery, and whole garlic cloves tossed in olive oil for about 45 minutes, then pureeing in my food processor to blend till smooth. I then add freshly grated ginger, then transfer to a pot to heat through with ghee, chicken stock, and organic coconut milk, along with a couple of teaspoons of red curry paste. The roasted garlic cloves have to be squeezed out of the cloves and added to carrot mixture. The soup is then simmered for 10 minutes, and you have a sweet, earthy, Moroccan vibe of a soup that warms your soul with a slight kick from the ginger. For presentation, I like to swirl a little coconut cream in the soup before serving. I like Thai Kitchen’s canned coconut milk and their red curry paste, both of which can be found in your well stocked grocery store. Coconut milk is my replacement for milk and cream in soups where you need a silky texture with a hint of sweetness.

Well my job is done for tonight. My hubby and I have already enjoyed sharing a bowl together. This is not your average carrot soup…not by a long shot.

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Featuring: Shrimp scampi, Roasted asparagus, and Lemony salad


Today is day 1 of our eating challenge of no sugar, no dairy, and no wheat, but I say that’s no problem with a meal like this to jump start the program.

For the shrimp, I used olive oil, ghee, parsley, garlic, shallots, fresh rosemary, lemon along with the zest, cayenne pepper, salt, and a splash of white wine. I mixed all of this over the shrimp and roasted in the oven on 375 for about 15 minutes, and what you end up with is the most tender, succulent, shrimp that is perfectly seasoned without being overpowering to go along with roasted asparagus. For the asparagus, I just simply tossed in olive oil, sea salt, and pepper, and roasted for about 30 minutes until al dente tender. I love roasting as a method of cooking because it is foolproof, really brings out the flavor of the item you are cooking, and frees you up to work on other things.

Later in the week, I will use the same fresh herb combination for Tuscan grilled steaks…Hello!

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Food find! Dried Granny Smith apples


Look what I found while perusing through Costco. I know you think an apple is an apple, and you’ve seen dried apples before, but these are special in that not only are they gluten free, but also preservative free, no sugar added, fat free, and sulfite free. The only ingredient is granny apples! One bag is said to contain the equivalent to 26 apples. Hmmm…at $9.89 a bag, do the math. Not bad for a healthy snack. By the way, did I tell you how much I love dried apples, period? That’s why these caught my attention. Bag, you’re going home with me!

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Happy 40th birthday to me!


Hello world! Today I celebrate 40 years of eating…I mean of being on this beautiful earth. Lol! I rarely get a chance to share a piece of my life on my blog, so here’s a recent photo taken in Dallas, Texas whereupon visiting, we had dinner at Pappas Brothers, where the dry aged prime cut steaks don’t come cheap. But it was worth every pretty penny. You only turn 40 once! So join me as I say, “Happy 40th Birthday, Bridget!”

(Pictured above from left to right: George (husband), Bridget (myself), Olivia and Victoria (daughters).


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