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Baked Rice Pudding


This is one of my cheap go to desserts. While busy working, I had a taste for a good comfort food dessert, and being I had white rice, raisins, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and heavy cream, this was a no brainer. This is an adaptation of Paula Deen’s baked rice pudding that I love because of the custard cream layer that naturally separates on top while baking. Mmm…delish! Leave it to her to bring you that old grandma type of heirloom recipe. This reminds me of the one my grandma made growing up, but I favor this one because it is more “custardy,” not thick. I think next time I will add some orange zest to give it a different spin. Even though this is a cheap cheat dessert, I take comfort in the fact of all the good all natural and/or organic ingredients I used from the organic raisins all the way down to the organic cream. Nostalgia at its best!

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Brunswick Stew


So what to do with all that smoked chicken and pork shoulder from the Memorial holiday? Make Brunswick stew! This was my first hand at this and it turned out incredible. It is chock full of yukon gold potatoes, baby Lima beans, onions, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh niblet corn, and pounds of fresh pulled smoky meat. I even found a great gluten free barbecue sauce to use in the broth base, so it was perfectly gluten free. It was so good my family went back for seconds, then thirds, and I sent my sister home with a quart. Served along jalapeño sour cream cornbread, it was a wonderful way to spice up the week by recreating what we had. Enjoy a bowl!

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Hey gorgeous… Smoked Salmon and Dill Frittata


I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to this gorgeous Smoked Salmon and Dill Frittata I just pulled out the oven. My husband rises early for work before I am up for the day, so sometimes I try to prepare something the night before that he can enjoy for breakfast. No need to go through a drive thru when you got all this “yumminess” at home. Ok, I was talking about me then…Lol!

You guys know how I love the Barefoot Contessa and this is her recipe. It is filled with smoked salmon, fresh dill, Montrechat goat cheese, scallions, heavy cream, sautéed onions, and of course a dozen of eggs. This is a 12 inch pan so it will be plenty for my husband and girls. Hopefully they will save some for me.

I love making five star dishes at home. It makes me feel like we are getting our grocery store dollars worth, which these days is a nice size budget. When in the store picking out the specialty goat cheese, I struck up a conversation with the cheese guy on how he finds himself eating less, but better, meaning having a discriminate taste for top quality ingredients. I agree, and this, my friend, is one of those taste discriminatory moments. I wish you could have some…;-)

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Blackened Catfish


Say what?…

If you are a southerner, you know we love our catfish. Whether fried or blackened, or piled up high on a poboy sandwich, I am all in.

Don’t let “blackening” catfish intimidate you. All you need is a hot cast iron skillet, a little butter (in my case I prefer ghee as it has a higher smoke capacity), and catfish fillets seasoned with a little Old Bay seasoning or your favorite seafood seasoning as Cajun seasoning would work great too. Sear on both sides, laying front side down first and ending with bottom side. What you want is a good seared “crust” to form on the blackened side. Once done, just squeeze a little lemon over it and you are set. You can keep warm by placing in hot oven until you finish up the sides, skillet and all.

Bye for now. I hear some hushpuppies and spiced sautéed broccoli calling.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


Wishing all the moms out there a fabulous day! This is your day to be showered with all the love you give each and every day. Children are a heritage, and I am so blessed to be called their “momma.” No cooking today, thanks to my husband. We opted for our annual Mother’s Day brunch at the Westin.

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“Food is Medicine!” Celtic sea salt

Change your salt to the healthy kind.


OK…you know how crazy I get when I stumble across a new good thing. Forget everything you heard about salt, and listen up. Salt has gotten a bad rap because of the touted health risks it can cause, namely high blood pressure, water retention, etc. But then there is Celtic sea salt…

You thought salt was salt, right?! Wrong! The refined white table salt that we are accustomed to using is not good for us as it is devoid of minerals and cannot be assimilated by the body. Celtic sea salt on the other hand has live minerals and trace elements which have numerous benefits to our body, like strengthening our immune system against bacteria and infection, increasing alkaline level in the body, and even helping the body to rid itself of water retention. This beautiful sea salt harvested off the coast of France is unrefined, naturally aired and sundried…

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Presto! Grilled garlic tomatoes and ribeye salad


Dinner is served! Low carbing will be a priviledge tonight. Building a great low carb salad just starts with the basics of protein, leafy salad greens, and vegetables, but you can add the wow factor by maxing out flavor by grilling your tomatoes, putting a special spice rub on your meat, and adding in special elements like a good quality Parmesan (I only use Parmesan reggiano) and make your dressing fresh with a wonderfully aged balsamic vinegar and quality olive oil. And since we eat with our eyes first, take the time to make your plate beautiful by making your meal look restaurant quality. Even a simple meal looks fabulous on white plates. 😉

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