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Grilled crab legs


Ya’ll know what it is! Tonight’s meal is a rendition of a meal we had once on a beach vacation. Grilled crab legs, pineapple coleslaw, grilled corn, baked potatoes, and hush puppies. The butter is already drawn and we are ready to get crack’in…no pun intended. 😉

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Sandwich assembly… Caesar chicken club sandwich


The making of the best sandwich in the world, in my opinion.

A spread of homemade Caesar on toasted ciabatta split ciabatta roll, followed by baby arugula, smoked sundried tomatoes in olive oil, Parmesan shavings, sliced chicken breasts, crispy pancetta, baby arugula, topped with top of ciabatta roll with a spread of Caesar. One sandwich for each of us, although my husband will end up gobbling his fast and looking pitiful for my half, but I’m not budging today. I’ve dreamt of this sandwich. Lol!

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Is that a sandwich or what?!


I hate to speak in absolutes, but when it’s warranted, I will. This was the BEST sandwich I have had the pleasure of sinking my 39 year old teeth in…period!

Pictured above is Caesar chicken club sandwich and rosemary white bean soup. Unbelievably good beyond words…

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Happy Earth Day!


Celebrate by eating from all the bountiful foods nature has made available to us. Today we are doing soup and sandwich for dinner. I have my rosemary white bean soup “percolating,” and my homemade Caesar dressing chilling for Caesar chicken club sandwiches. I am basking in the aromas of rosemary and roasted chicken breasts in the oven. Oh my God, I can’t wait! I have not been this excited about a sandwich in a long time. Thanks to Ina Garten of “The Barefoot Contessa” for both recipes. When my palate has a hankering for the very best, I turn to her recipes.

Bye for now. The liquids from the soup taste so good I could go for a swim in the whole pot…but that might hurt… Lol!

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Baked apple dumplings


I mean, have you ever…

Granny Smith apples tucked inside crescents and baked glazed over with a buttery orange glaze.

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Dinner is served! Beef short ribs…


These short ribs were fabulous! If you’ve never tried beef short ribs, you are missing out. When trying to figure out Sunday dinner yesterday at the grocer, I saw a beautiful display of fresh cut beef ribs in the meat case and decided, why not, and asked the butcher for 6 meaty pieces. Beef ribs have a large bone that runs along the side, which when cooked down adds so much flavor and tenderness. To cook, I simply seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning, dredged in flour, and seared in my cast iron Dutch oven with a little olive oil and ghee. I then browned on all sides, removed from pot, and then added onions, celery, and carrots to saute until golden, then added the beef short ribs back to the pot. Lastly, I poured beef stock and a couple of pours of red wine over the ribs, threw in a bay leaf and a couple of sprinkles of thyme, then covered Dutch oven pot with lid and let cook for hours in the oven until fork tender. They literally fell off the bone! The wine is what makes it, and I had a nice bottle my sister gave me which added just that extra something. The meat was tender with a rich buttery finish from the wine. The rice was steamed in beef stock and ghee to complement the meat. This is how you take soulful cooking up a notch!

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Sweet dreams…


Cake is on the stand to cool, and I am off to bed. I was hoping for a good cake release from the stoneware bakeware I was gifted and I am impressed. Look at the crust flanking the bottom of that pound cake. Honey, that’s what you want!

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