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Happy Easter!

Good morning world on this glorious Sunday. We are so blessed to have a day of the year that reminds us of Christ’s resurrection. Because He rose, we have the power to rise above every challenge that comes our way.

Easter Sunday is also particularly special because it marks the official first holiday featuring spring time comfort foods. This day reminds me of Deviled Eggs, dressed with jalapeño peppers on top. I actually found a beautiful platter at Costco recently to showcase them. I think when the day settles down I will make a dozen to have on hand to munch on.

Whatever your plans are today, I hope you enjoy it with family and friends. Today, I am folding aside the apron for a reserved table of 6 at our favorite steakhouse, Connor’s. I am so excited to spend it with my husband, kids, sister, and nephew. I already know what I’ll be having…Boursin Filet with Tobacco onion rings on top, grilled asparagus, strawberry spinach salad, and lobster Bisque soup. I think I’ll fast this morning until dinner to make room. Lol!

Have a delicious day everyone, and see you around real soon!

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Sunday picnic dinner

Well it’s one of those Sundays. You know, the one where there are a million things to do for the week, everyone is busy, and you are buying time by throwing something in the oven to roast, more than likely a bird. Ahh, those Sundays where it feels more like a Monday. On days where it is feeling blah, I try to liven things up by doing dinner a little different. It’s raining outside, but how about a little dinner picnic inside? Yep, I’m throwing a blanket on the living room floor, clearing off the coffee table, and setting up beer can chicken, broccoli slaw salad, corn on the cob, lemonade, and maybe finish off that chocolate delight for dessert I made last night. Spring has not quite sprung yet, but this dinner remiscent of a patio barbecue lunch will transport us there in no time.

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Gluten free Spinach Lasagna


Take a peek at tonight’s dinner, gluten free four cheese spinach and mushroom lasagna.  Wow, that’s a mouthful in more ways than one. 😉

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Dinner is served: Gluten free Chicken Pan Pie and Baked Apples


I cannot tell you how happy this meal makes me. This was a time intensive labor of love as I had to roast the chicken, make the pie crust dough ahead of time and chill, and pull everything else together, but it was worth it to show this picture perfect comfort meal that I am proud to make gluten free. I had a time with the crust, although I do like the rustic look it gave to the dish. This was my first time making a gluten free pie crust and I am quite impressed. I just wanted to close my eyes, sink my teeth into a flaky, buttery, crust and forget it was wheat free, and this did it for me. I used GF pantry pie crust flour and it is the closest thing to regular wheat flour in how it performs for pie crust, for which I am delighted! Grab you a plate and dig in. As soon as I sign off, this plate sitting front and center will be all but a memory. 🙂

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Baked apples in the making…


I love baked apples, and I wanted to show you these in prep form. They are such a perfect side to hearty casserole dishes where you already have an abundance of vegetables incorporated in the main dish, but you just want a sweet accompanient to balance the savory dish. I usually pair baked apples with cream based casseroles such as chicken pan pie, hot chicken salad casserole, chicken divan, or chicken and rice.

To make, just simply score the stem out of a few Granny Smith apples (although gala would work if you prefer a sweeter apple), rub apples all over with butter. Then sprinkle tops of apples with cinnamon and stuff holes in top of apples with a few drops of vanilla, a slice of butter, raisins, brown sugar, then a light sprinkle of sea salt and nutmeg. I then drizzle a little pure maple syrup over them for good measure. Finally, I pour about a cup of apple juice in bottom of dish to keep the apples moist while baking and to serve as a glaze as the natural sugars from the fruit reduce down. I bake in oven on 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or so. When apples are a little soft to touch and just start to break their skin, they are ready. To take it up a notch, I might drizzle with a little hazelnut oil when finished to impart a little extra something. Such a low cost side, and a good way to make full use of those left over apples you have. A simple twist on “an apple a day.” Now off to the oven these go to get a good head start on the main dish…homemade chicken pan pie.

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Homemade GF chicken pan pie in the making


Hello on this rainy Monday! I just got my roasted chicken out the oven to let cool before I pull all that good meat off the bone to make a family favorite, chicken pan pie. I’ll add the shredded chicken to my stock pot of butter sautéed vegetables to include organic carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, and green peas, simmer it in my chicken stock roux with a dash of cream to make it decadent, then top with lattices of buttery pie crust. Just knock me over right now!

This is going to be so good served alongside baked apples. I’m taking my time with this one. Thanks to Gluten Free Pantry pie crust flour as the base for my crust, and King Arthur GF flour to help make my roux, we are in we’ll insured for a fabulous gluten free comfort meal. I’ll give you a peek when the meal is complete. Now let me get back to this bird. Those two wings got my name written all over them for lunch. 🙂

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Gluten Free Cherry Yum Yum


Yum! I have no idea what’s for dinner tonight, but I do know what’s for dessert. My daughter requested that I make this for her, so today I’m making good on the promise.

This is a layered dessert with buttered Graham cracker crumbs on top and bottom, with a cherry filling sandwiched between a cream cheese, whipped cream, and vanilla mixture. So easy! I always use fresh whipped cream in place of store bought, and as you can see, I used Kinnikinnick (try to say that fast) gluten free Graham style crumbs. They are fantastic! The texture I think is better than regular graham crackers. Now Cheesecake and tarts are back on the menu. Who knew GF could be so Yum! 🙂

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