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Frugal Finds: Honeybaked Ham Hambones!

((Singing)) “Beans and cornbread had a fight. Beans knocked cornbread out of sight. Cornbread said, Now that’s alright. Meet me on the corner tomorrow night. I’ll be ready, I’ll be ready tomorrow night. That’s what Beans said to cornbread, I’ll be ready tomorrow night.” Remember that old song by Louis Jordan? Oooo, I can smell the pinto beans! Lol!

Seriously, that song has me up this morning getting ready to go to our local Honeybaked Ham store to pick up nothing else but…..drum roll please….A HAMBONE! This has to be one of the best kept secret to cheap eats that I have never heard of, until yesterday. My sister told me she heard you could buy hambones from Honeybaked ham, and I didn’t believe it until I called to verify myself and it is true. For less than about $10, you can get a beautiful hambone with about 2 pounds of meat still left on to make sandwiches, use in soups, and make a pot of beans. That is fantastic! I will never buy ham hocks again.

So what’s my mission? To buy one hambone and see how many meals I can make off of it. I’ll share a pic of my fabulous find soon. I’m already dreaming of ham sandwiches, ham salad, split pea soup, pinto beans….(still dreaming)….

See you around the corner, with cornbread in hand! 🙂


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My Favorite Holiday Recipes: Thanksgiving Edition


Happy pre-Thanksgiving!  We’re celebrating early, and these are a couple of the yumny desserts I prepared for our feast – 7-Up pound cake, Pumpkin pie, and Bourbon Pecan pie.  You can find the delicious recipes for each on the home page under the hyperlink titled respectively.

And don’t think we just stopped there. You can also find my specialty recipes for Homemade Macaroni N’ Cheese, Cornbread Dressing, Vegetarian greens, Honey Chipotle Sweet Potatoe Spears, along with tips to make your holiday cooking extraordinary.  Until then, feast your eyes on this…


Macaroni n’ Cheese, please! You know you want some…;-)

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Thanksgiving Tip #1: Delegate the Turkey and the Yeast rolls


Need help in the kitchen to pull off Thanksgiving dinner?  Delegate!  I get my favorite BBQ place to smoke our turkey, which saves me oodles of time and the headache of stressing over a perfect turkey.  I buy a fresh turkey and drop it off a few days before scheduled pickup.  And at only $1.25 a pound to smoke, that is a steal.  This 14 pound fresh Butterball turkey cost me $32 dollars total to have done (which includes cost of the turkey). Not to mention the incredible leftovers I’ll have for sandwiches or other recipes.  So check out your local BBQ joint and ask how much they charge to smoke your turkey.  Thanks, Southern Style Barbecue for a fabulous turkey every year! 
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What’s cooking for Thanksgiving?

Hello all! It has been a while since I posted as I have been busy working on a few other projects. I know many are preparing the way for Thanksgiving, and since you know I am all about food, I wanted to take some time today and lay the ground work for my Thanksgiving. We are having to fast forward our Thanksgiving feast to Sunday, as we will be traveling to be with my husband’s family in his home state of Florida this holiday, so I am two days away from planning, shopping, and laying out a delightful spread. If you are like my family, we like the idea of having a “little something at the house” to eat, regardless of whether we are traveling or visiting extended family locally, so here I sit coming up with a simple Thanksgiving meal that will satisfy everyone’s taste.

Now Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are special meals, so I like to get a conscensus of what everyone likes to eat. My husband is a traditionalist, so he has to have turkey and dressing, my daughter, Victoria, will rake you over for some macaroni and cheese, and my youngest daughter, Olivia, is all about a 7-up pound cake (did I tell you she was greedy? Lol!) Being I love all things food, I fill in the wishlist with sides that will complement everything. I try to take it up a notch each year and try a new recipe, or recreate a traditional one, but what I have found is that when it comes to that one special day, most people like the “traditional” tastes of food, nothing fancy, just the basics done right! So this Sunday as we celebrate our Thanksgiving meal early, I am going to roll out our traditional favorites which will consist of the following:

Smoked turkey
Cornbread dressing
Turnip greens
Honey-Lime Chipotle sweet potato spears
Macaroni and cheese
Cranberry sauce
Iced tea
Yeast rolls
7-up pound cake
Pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream
Pecan pie

Whew! I’m getting tired just thinking about the work that will entail. (Lol!) Thankfully, I have some help as my favorite barbecue place is smoking my turkey, and I will pick up a fresh dozen of yeast rolls from a local restaurant here. Also, as I am a caterer too, I will be using disposable aluminum half pans with the lids (can find them at Sam’s), to prepare the dishes in the day before, and bake off the next morning. That way we save on having to wash dishes, and storing leftovers is a snap. And thanks to my beloved delitainers, I will be doing all of my chopping and shredding ahead of time, and store in the sealed cups so when it is time to cook, I’m ready to rock and roll!

Stay tuned, as Sunday I will be posting some pics, helpful tips, along with the recipes we rely on for our traditional holiday meal. See you then! Oh, and by the way, throw out the diet plans this one day. It is all about decadence…and leftovers! 🙂

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Gluten free spinach bacon quiche and coconut banana nut bread


Happy Sunday morning!  Sitting here next to my main squeeze and sweet chickadees enjoying a late morning breakfast, fresh from the oven, of gluten free spinach bacon quiche and coconut  banana nut bread.  Washed down with a glass of apple cider, this is the perfect start to the beginning of the week.  Yum up!

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