“Seven Pillars of Health” Pillars 5: Detoxification

15 May

Hello everyone on the journey to good health. I wanted to take some time to catch us up to speed on the book, so today I will touch on last week’s pillar of detoxification. Later this week we will discuss pillar 6: Vitamins and Supplements. It is my prayer that you have allowed the pages to become life, filling in the gaps where needed in fortifying your temple with the building blocks of good health. So let’s get started!

It is without question that we are living in a “toxic soup bowl,” from toxins in our environment, our household products, health products, and food. Toxins store themselves in the fat deposits of our bodies, and can also store themselves in breast tissues, prostate, and lymphatic system. Did you know that cellulite is really toxins stored in our fat cells, creating pockets underneath the skin, giving that dimpled effect. Those “love handles” and “tire around the middle of our waist” are sites where toxins love to be stored. So yes, there is some truth to the phrase, “junk in the trunk!” (Lol!) Our bodies were not made to store waste, but to excrete it, which is why our liver health is so important, as it is the filtering system to release toxic overload from our bodies, as well as our kidneys. Whether it be through perspiration, urination, defecation, or exhalation, our bodies are constantly trying to clear itself of garbage, and if we want our bodies to run optimally, without feeling sick and run down, we must make detoxification a priority.

Two of the biggest positive changes I made in my life that have reaped big rewards are cutting out chemicals in my diet and my home. I try to buy fresh, whole foods, drink alkaline water (the best natural detoxifier, period), and making sure my health and beauty products, and even cleaning products, are made from all natural ingredients, and free of chemicals. It was small changes made in stages, and I can tell a huge difference in how I feel, and how my environment feels. I do NOT allow my husband to bring any harsh chemicals into our home to use, and am absolutely sold on products like Method, Seventh Generation, Dr. Bronner’s – eco-friendly products to clean my house, and Giovanni, Alba, Desert Essence, Jason’s, Nubian Heritage – all natural health and beauty products to keep me looking naturally beautiful. I read every label of ANYTHING I buy to bring in my house to make sure it supports the green lifestyle I choose to live. Of course we cannot totally erradicate toxins from our environment, because as soon as you step outside pollution is in the air, but we can definitely reduce the footprint. Start with you, your diet, then your home, and make small changes to make your own little slice of this world as healthy as possible. Stay tuned, as I will be sharing a few more things on this topic, as well as my favorite brands of eco-friendly products that really work! Who said clean has to be “sudsy” or “squeeky?” Mr. Clean, you are so old news 🙂

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