“Food is Medicine!” Raw Honey

02 May

Today is going to be sweet! I get to talk about one of the most amazing sweeteners that nature has to offer – honey. The symbolism of honey goes way back to even biblical times, when God promised the Israelites a “land flowing with milk and honey.” Now as I have done more research on honey, I understand why. With all of the sugar fads out there telling you to reduce your sugar intake, honey is one natural sweetener that has more benefits than not to keep it front and center in your diet. Below I have attached a link that shares the myriad health benefits of honey, from aiding in weight loss, healing wounds, helping oral health, to even use as an energy booster.

If you followed my blog on Friday, “Living well on living foods,” you saw me talk a little about my new love, Wee Bee Raw Honey, which is amazing! I can tell you firsthand that after consuming a teaspoon of this honey just to taste, I noticed a vast difference in my energy level almost immediately, so much so that I had a pretty hard time winding down for the day, Lol! I of course tried this hypothesis out again the next day, and sure enough, I had the same effects – increased energy and alertness. I also experienced good digestive benefits as well. Want to alleviate a sore throat? Try raw honey! My daughter was experiencing some cold symptoms along with a sore throat, took some raw honey, and her symptoms alleviated within a short span of time. If you notice, a lot of throat lozenges have honey in them, so it makes perfect sense. Of course, I believe you get even better benefits when you buy the raw honey yourself and incorporate it in soothing teas, etc. to achieve the same effect.

I encourage you to read the attached link below to know the difference between raw honey and conventional honey, because they are not created equal. In a nutshell, raw honey is unprocessed, still hosts all of the essential vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients in it, and is as close to nature as you will get with buying honey – not that little “honey bear” you reach for in the store. One look or taste, and you will see a profound difference in the taste, texture, and quality between raw honey and regular honey. To get the benefits that nature intended, you must buy raw honey, preferably organic. I love Wee Bee Honey, Y.S. Bee Farms, and Garden of Life. You can find them at most of your health food stores, but make sure to read the labels so you are purchasing the quality you intended. Now, to how I use honey in my diet…

1. If I need a sweetener for my hot teas, or for medicinal properties, I always use raw honey. It is crucial in my Bragg’s apple cider vinegar tea as it really helps to aid my body in healing a cold or sore throat. I also like to add a spoonful to my coffee. Just think, with every cup you are drinking, you are gaining nutrients to help build your immune system.

2. Cooking. Whether it is whipping up a citrus salad dressing, making a glaze for fried plaintains, mixing in my baked yams, or slathering over banana nut bread or biscuits, I love honey for its distinct sweetness and element of flavor it adds. Sometimes just that little hint of honey, instead of sugar, is all you need to take your dish to the next level. Honey is sweeter than sugar, so you will find that you need less to achieve the same results. I also use it over my breakfast cereal like raisin bran or cheerios to sweeten it – delicious!

3. Health and beauty. Honey has the most amazing moisturizing and skin enhancement qualities to it. Use it as a face mask, hair treatment, or include it in your bath water and enjoy the beautiful benefits. My daughter, who has natural hair, even used it one time as a light gel for her hair to help define her curls and it worked. Click on the link and it will show you a host of ways to use honey as a part of your beauty regimen.

With all the fuss over sweeteners, honey is one you will definitely want to keep around. Get off all the unnatural and artificial stuff, and get back to this natural sweetener that only nature itself can provide. It is the small changes we make now that will reap big changes in the future, so the next time you are out, try picking up a jar of raw honey and see for yourself. You will be just as amazed as I am at the wondrous ways it enhances your health, and will develop a new appreciation for bees the next time you see them 🙂

What is Raw Honey?.

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