“Seven Pillars of Health” Pillar 3: Living Foods

24 Apr

Go ahead, look in your freezer. I bet a lot of you have a few dead body parts in there…a couple of ribs, a pack of thighs, a shoulder, and maybe a boston butt! Lol! I know this imagery is a little harsh, but when you think about it for what it is, we spend a lot of money, and space, on storing meat. Some of us even have deep freezers just brimming to the top with good ole dead animal flesh…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a vegetarian, or against meat consumption. It is just that I am more conscious of what I am putting in my mouth, and I did not realize how big meat played center stage. As a culture, we plan our whole meals around what we consider to be the main entree – meat. In this third pillar of health, Dr. Colbert talks about how vitally important it is to eat living foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts versus dead foods – meats, processed foods, preservative filled, or chemically laden. Living foods are full of the vital nutrients we need to promote life to our bodies. I like to call it regeneration food, because that is exactly what living food does. Have you ever ate something like a salad, and felt wholesome, and on another occasion ate something that was “fried, died, and to the side” and felt a mess! I know I have. It seems the more industrialized we become as a nation, the more our food is becoming unrecognizable. High fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and MSG have found its way on the bulk of what we commercially find on the grocery store shelves, and you about have to be a detective reading labels and making sure what you put in your cart is kosher, so to speak. These, among other things, are what is sapping our health, causing obesity, driving diabetes, and we have to make a concerted effort to be sober when it comes to shopping for our food.

I say this alot in my house – “anything that crosses my lips better be worthy to go into it.” Yes, I have discriminating taste when it comes to food and I make no bones about it! I’m more interested in what is in it, the quality, where it came from, and how will it make me feel afterwards. I hear alot of people say, “I can’t afford to eat healthy,” and I say, “You can’t afford not too!” Food is our medicine, our source, our energy, our health…we depend on it. And your body is depending on YOU to give it what it needs – living foods.

Today, I want you to take an inventory of your fridge and see how many whole fruits and vegetables you have. Matter of fact, put living foods on one side of the fridge and processed foods on the other, and see for yourself if there is room for improvement.

The next time you fix your plate, make 50% to 75% of your plate vegetables, and the other 25% meat or whole grains. We have to change the way we see food and our plates. Let’s redefine it by choosing life…in our food 🙂

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