“Hook it up!” Water Recipes

06 Apr

I know, you’re thinking “water recipe?” As soon as I uttered that, I thought of Adam Sadler in that movie “Waterboy.” “That’s some high powered H20 right there.” Lol! I am not going to recreate the wheel, so to speak. Water is perfect all on its own (especially alkaline water), but sometimes you want a little “something-something” else to make it more enjoyable, and doable. I must say that for the last 4 days I have been drinking alkaline water and have loved every drop of it. I have definitely noticed a difference in how light, smooth, hydrating, and easy it feels. Within minutes of it going down, I can actually feel it going to work in my body on a cellular level – it is as if you feel “alive.” Trust me on this, you will want to try alkaline water. I know for myself, this will be my water of choice from here on out.

I think the biggest scam is bottled flavored water. Why pay for something you can easily do yourself, with all natural, fresh ingredients? It will definitely taste better in quality. The key to flavoring water is to think about what fruit flavors would naturally taste good together as a backdrop to your water. You still should taste the purity of your water, but with a light essence of flavor. I recommend that you start with a good quality purified water, and my absolute preference is alkaline, but use whatever pure water you have on hand. Also, purchase glass bottles to store your water in. Since the goal is to get away from plastic bottled water, now is a good time to invest in water containers – glass or BPA free, that you can take with you throughout the day. I have 16 oz and 32 oz size containers that I choose between throughout the day because it is convenient, and it helps me to chart my water consumption based on how many refills I drink from the bottle. And don’t be shy about taking your water bottle with you in restaurants, some actually do not mind it, especially if you explain that it is your own filtered water.

Since most flavored waters use a fruit flavoring, we will start there. Of course, wash your fruits (especially lemon and limes) thoroughly before use. I like using lemons and limes alot because they help alkalinize your water, and are excellent for detoxing. You will want to have a good storage container to store your fresh fruit/herbs in, and also an ice tray for times you want flavored ice cubes. Then when you are ready to spice up your water, it will be quick and easy. Here are the recipes…

1. Water + lime slices, lemon slices, or orange slices (2).

2. Water + lemon or lime slice + 1 sprig of fresh mint leaves.

3. Water + raspberries or strawberries + 2 lemon slices + ice. You can use frozen berries, but only use a few so as not to overpower it.

4. Water + 3 watermelon chunks + lime slice.

5. Water + 2 fresh ginger slices + 1 fresh sprig of mint leaves + stevia or honey to taste.

6. Water + fresh cherries + 2 slices of lemon + stevia or honey to taste.

7. Water + 4 cucumber slices + 2 lemon slices.

8. Water + fresh pineapple wedge + lemon slice. After you the slice the pineapple, squeeze lemon juice over the pineapple to retard it from browning.

9. Frozen juice ice cube flavors. Take an ice cube tray. Pour in freshly made lemonade or limeade (water, fresh squeezed lemons or limes, and sweetener to taste), and freeze. Then drop in your glass of water. You can also do this with grape juice, orange juice, apple juice, or pineapple juice. If you like, you can drop in fruit chunks with the juice to add dimensions of flavor. Then just drop as many cubes in your water to not only provide flavor, but keep it chilled as well. That easy!

Note: Mix your flavors first, then add your ice last. To extract some of the flavors out of the fruit, I like to muddle (prick) it a little bit in my glass with a straw or a fork (just don’t mash it too much as it will become soggy). Also, because you are working with perishable fruit, you want to drink it fairly quickly after making, and keep it chilled. Make sure the size glass you are using can accommodate all your ingredients, the water, and ice.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors you like, or mix a few of the combinations above to make your own. And try different varieties of oranges or berries to experiment with flavors. Frozen fruit will work beautifully too, or you can freeze your own on cookie sheets and store for later use.

So there you have it! Water does not have to be boring, and you can instantly add pizzazz to your glass of water the natural way, by using all natural, whole fruits. The added benefit is you get to eat the fruit afterwards as well, if you wish. Have fun!

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