“The Seven Pillars of Health” Intro…and my personal story…

02 Apr

“Why are you trying to eat healthy? You are thin, you don’t need to lose no weight!” I get so sick of hearing that statement. As if the only incentive to eat better is for vanity purposes and not for a better quality of life. You can be thin, and still not be healthy. Look at Halle Berry, what many would perceive to be a beautiful woman – who in all her “fineness” has struggled with diabetes! Yeah, cuteness does not exempt you from health issues. I think to myself, “If they only knew my story…”

Quite frankly, I have been to hell and back with my health. I have had my share of surgeries (7, mind you), cancer scares, thyroid issues, iron deficiency anemia, weak immune system, and dealing with chronic pain that propelled me to become CEO of my health. Six years ago my health was spiraling downward, and I had seen more doctors than I had fingers to count on! Lying in bed too weak to get up to see my kids off to school, or much else, I saw the toll it was not only taking on me, but my family as well. I thank God for His grace in pulling me out of that dark moment, and leading me to a path of wellness. It was from those dark times that I began to journal and connect the dots, so to speak, of what was going on in my body.

What I found not only amazed me, but intrigued me to dig a little deeper. I learned that a “toxic” body is a sick body, and how important it is to lessen the toxic overload to our system. I found out that inflammation is the leading cause of cancer, heart disease, etc., and how certain foods cause inflammation, and some heal it. Did you know that pain itself is caused my an inflammatory response in your body? I learned that constant use of antibiotics and certain medicines do more damage than good by weakening our immune system. Slowly, but surely, the connected dots became a picture of what was really going on…my body was screaming at me, saying YOU are killing me, beckoning me to make a change.

It was then that I started adopting a whole food way of eating and living. It didn’t go over well with my family at first (there was a lot of sobbing at the table, Lol!) because it meant that everyone in the house would have to embrace it. As we made the subtle changes, to my delight they fell in love with this way of eating. Oh yes, we still eat our goodies…apple pie, meats, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, cookies, etc., but we eat real food versions of it, better quality, and ultimately better taste! Whole food eating is simply put – eating REAL foods. I have watched how food has transformed my life, and my health for the better, and so I celebrate it! Every time you see me sharing a photo of a food dish or item, I am celebrating what whole food has done for me – it changed my life. I am healthy, strong, enjoy a full life, and most importantly I am educated when it comes to my health and my food. Along with God’s help, I embark down new paths He has for me, and that many times has led to stumbling across a good book!

The “Seven Pillars of Health” by Don Colbert breaks down the 7 pillars (water, sleep and rest, exercise, living food, nutritional supplements, detoxification, and cutting out stress) needed to live a healthy way for life, gives you the education behind it, and challenges you to work on adding that pillar to your life – the end result being a powerful healthy body built on 7 pillars of health that will fortify you for years to come. I am honored to share this book with you, and I pray that the pages become life to you, and you start your own path. I am a living witness of what good living and eating can do for you, and I am laughing all the way to the health bank 🙂

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