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“Seven Pillars of Health” Pillar 4: Exercise

I woke up rested, refreshed, and so profoundly grateful this morning. I am in an unexplainable season of “flowing.” To best explain what I mean, I spent one quiet morning up on the mountain by the lake, enjoying the breathtaking views, letting God speak to me through nature. I noticed how the ripples of water would flow in one direction, and then without you aware of the shift, they would flow in another direction. At times, it seemed the ripple flows were starting to coincide with the deep revelations we were sharing about God and how He works, coming toward us, then leading from us. In that moment I fully understood what it meant to flow with God, making subtle shifts with Him without you being aware it is happening, getting larger and more expansive in ripple span the further out you go. I am seeing that principle work right now in my home, my friendships, my business, my mindset – all because I chose to show up and be fully present in my life…

Well, changing “flows,” today we focus on pillar 4 – exercise. I love how Dr. Colbert starts off by talking about “stirring the water” of exercise. He makes the analogy between water and movement – water that is in movement stirs life (like our our bodies in movement), and stagnated waters (bodies that do not move). Stagnated water breeds disease and degeneration. Our bodies are mostly water, and there are many references in the Bible that refer to water as life and healing. A body in motion promotes both! Our bodies were made for movement, and the more active previous civilizations were, the less degenerative diseases we saw.

So I encourage you to get moving! Find you a walking buddy if you have to and hit the trails together. You should walk at a pace fast enough to be able to talk, but not able to sing. Get in touch with your family by getting physically active together. Find subtle ways in your day to include a little more squatting, bending, stretching, and reaching. Don’t waste another beautiful day indoors – get out there and get ACTIVEly involved. Move that water!

See you in Wednesday’s blog where we will debut our next “Food is Medicine” item. This one is sweet 🙂


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Wee Bee Raw Honey


This tastes just like Jesus, ”sweeter than the honey in the honeycomb.”  Yes, that’s part of the edible honeycomb on the spoon.  Delectable!

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Living well on “living foods”

Here I was strolling along, minding my own business, when I ran across the new love of my life. I was in Earthfare looking to buy my usual brand of honey when I saw “Wee Bee” raw honey. What caught my attention was first that it was in a glass jar (which I love), but that it was a creamy, deeply rich-colored honey. Then I read the label and it stated that it was “straight from the beehive, with nothing removed, and included the honeycomb, pollen, and propolis in it.” Wow, the whole kit and kaboodle?!

I asked the stock person had he tried it, and he was nice enough to pop open a jar and let me sample it. When I scooped it out with my finger and tasted, I knew I was through! It was unequivocally THE best, most creamy, deeply decadent, rich, sweet, floral fragranced honey I had ever tasted (and I have tried some good honeys). He handed me the jar, marked it for FREE, told me to enjoy at home, and come back and purchase another jar later if I liked it. Wow! Now that’s what I like about Earthfare 🙂 No doubt, I definitely will be purchasing more of that in the future. I am HOOKED! Mmmmm….

Now you probably are like, “All that over some honey?” Yes…which brings me to what I want to talk about today. It is what food does FOR me, that hooks me. You see, on that jar of honey was information on how raw honey has been used for centuries to improve digestion, oral health, sore throat, cough, allergies, wounds, scars, and rashes. In my hands I was holding a wealthy jar of health. Did you know that raw honey gives you a boost of energy? Some people eat a tablespoon a day as part of their health regimen to reap benefits like that. When we say food is medicine, we are not kidding you!

Living foods not only awaken our bodies, but our tastebuds, our senses, our minds to a world of exploration when it comes to food. I knew with that one jar of honey, the possibilities would be endless in how I would use it – like to sweeten my coffee, tea, put in my cooking and baking recipes to add a depth of flavor, make the best glaze for fried plaintains, slather over homemade banana bread, or use as part of my luxurious bath regimen (yes, honey is very softening and moisturizing to the skin). Oh, I could go on and on…

Below is a link to a wonderful site that lists the top whole foods and gives incredible research on why it was chosen as one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world. Click on the different foods listed, read up on them, and incorporate a few into your diet. Can you imagine centering your grocery shopping around this list?! I challenge you to shop for foods like you are shopping for “living medicine,” looking at the touted nutritional and health benefits and purchasing according to what your body needs in your personal diet. Combine superfoods together for an “one-two” punch! Play around with them and come up with a power packed meal on your plate. Stay tuned, for we’ll be sharing recipes for power packed meals in the future. See you Monday, where we will introduce our next pillar of health, and make sure to tune in Wednesday as we debut our new “Food is Medicine” item. You don’t even have to wonder what it will be 😉

WHFoods: The World's Healthiest Foods.

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Femdophilus. This is the stuff!


Probiotic for feminine health. Can be found at most well stocked health food stores or vitamin shoppes in the refrigerated section.


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“Food is Medicine!” Yogurt – Feminine Health (Pt. 2)

Ladies only…

I could not talk about yogurt and its probiotic medicinal properties without talking about “her.” You know, the girl downstairs some of you all are ashamed to talk about, or embarrassed to look at (Lol!) Trust me, she is a beautiful part of God’s creation, and I love how the Songs of Solomon in the bible refer to “her” as a garden. So for the sake of remaining tasteful, I will refer to “her” as your “garden.” I am not ashamed of my femininity, love and celebrate my sexuality, and am very candid with my two daughters about all things “garden,” so since this is my blog, I will talk to you as if I were having a conversation with them.

Now the grounds of the “garden” must be maintained, and the ecosystem kept in balance, so cut the grass, trim the bushes, water the flowers…by all means take care of her. She is your best girly friend, and your husband’s favorite “playground,” so be good to her. Neglect her, and she will tell on you! (Lol!) Your feminine health along with your sexual health matters. I don’t know about you, but I plan to keep the “park” open infinitely, so doing a little maintenance everyday is part of the investment. Which brings me to why I love yogurt…

Yogurt with live lactobacillus cultures has the same microflora as your “garden” (vagina for those that caught on late), Lol!. Any time there is an imbalance in the flora (healthy ecosystem, with good and bad germs in proper balance), it will manifest itself in uncomfortable symptoms that we refer to as a yeast or bacterial infection. In essence it really is not an “infection,” because we all have yeast in our bodies (men too), but it is when the overgrowth of these organisms take over (due to stress, illness, antibiotic use, diabetes, high sugar diet, hormonal shifts as we approach perimenopause, or even sex) that the delicate balance is disrupted. Click the link at the end of the blog to read more on this. The easiest and cheapest way I have found to help bring things back in balance is yogurt. Most physicians recommend consuming a cup of yogurt a day for health benefits to the colon, vaginal, and urogenital tract – “A cup a day keeps things going the right way!” I highly recommend organic yogurt, as it is free of antibiotics, hormones, or added preservatives and fillers. Both Stoneyfield and Horizon are great organic brands.

For times when you need a more focused treatment, you can use plain, unsweetened yogurt, and insert it intravaginally in douche form with purified water, or with a tampon dipped in yogurt. And please ladies, no double-dipping! Make sure you either buy a small individual container of yogurt to use for treatment purposes, or scoop you out some in a sterile paper cup to use and throw away afterwards. The yogurt will help to soothe the delicate tissues and restore the normal pH in the vagina, which in turn will ward off infection. Because this is an all natural remedy, you may have to do it consecutively for several days, preferably nightly. I like yogurt because it gets to the root of the problem, naturally colonizing the garden to its normal flora and pH, which is the goal. Aside from what the article shares below on the link, let me share my All-Star team that I swear by. I am blessed to enjoy a healthy garden, and have done so for years, because of these 🙂

1. Femdophilus. I absolutely swear by this product! Look in my fridge, and you will see this on the door, right beside my yogurt. This is a probiotic found in the refrigerated section of your health food store. It was actually created by physicians specifically for urogenital health, with a very high success rate of its effectiveness to boot! I take one or two of these everyday (depending on how much “fun” my husband and I have had in the “garden” that week…you get the picture), and it keeps things running smoothly, with no hiccups. Trust me, if you are a woman you MUST try this. A 30 to 60 count capsule bottle will run you upwards of $20, but the assured benefits are worth their weight in gold. I can honestly say I have not dealt with feminine discomforts for years now, in part I believe due to Femdophilus. You can find it at Earthfare or at any of your well stocked health food stores, but make sure you buy it cold and keep it refrigerated to protect the live cultures in it. I have tried several other feminine probiotics, and in my opinion, this one rules! It is taken orally daily, but some women have used it for localized treatment intravaginally, like the yogurt, with great success.

2. Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. Yes, my beloved vinegar again. Use it as a douche with purified water, in your bath water, or as a natural cleanser – but make sure you dilute it! Your garden is self cleaning, and a healthy garden has a natural, pleasant smell to it, so ladies get off the Summer’s Eve and Massengil – so unnecessary! In fact, their use can be the reason you’re having trouble maintaining the garden (take this from a reformed summer’s eve girl). You will find that once you are eating yogurt, or taking a good probiotic like Femdophilus, you will stay sweet and pleasant 🙂 A mild ph balanced cleanser is all you need, preferably all natural, and vinegar and baking soda are two of nature’s best cleansers and natural deodorizers, so make a well diluted solution by mixing either one in pure water and experiment with how it works for you (although I would not mix both the vinegar and baking soda together- you don’t want a combustion down there).

3. Coconut oil. Yes, organic coconut oil has AMAZING antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties, will destroy Candida (yeast), and is good to have in your garden kit! If you do a vinegar or yogurt douche, you can insert a little coconut oil or rub it on irritated skin and it will soothe and heal any inflammation. You will find that you need a good moisturizer after any treatment, and this does the trick to help lubricate and moisturize the delicate tissues as they heal.

4. Florastor. This is another probiotic that has Saacharomyces boullardi, a probiotic good yeast that colonizes the intestinal tract, protecting the healthy microbes there, enhancing your immune system, and helping to prevent the overgrowth of yeast and other pathogens, which in turn will benefit the urogenital tract as well. very beneficial in helping to prevent recurrent infections. Jarrow Formulas brand brand sells this same type cheaper, which I like even better. You can find this at your local health food store, online at Vitacost, or on Amazon.

These are just a few homeopathic remedies that work, but you can find much more on the internet if you google it, like oil of oregano, boric acid capsules, etc. Ladies become aware of your bodies. You do not have to be a slave to prescription meds and over-the-counter drugs that are taxing to your body. Take special care of your garden. Aside from getting regular GYN checkups, having a healthy sexual lifestyle, and keeping your diet nutritionally pure, you should have no problem keeping things in balance, although a delicate one. And when those moments come when you need to close down the garden to do some maintenance, you will know just where to begin. Enjoy the article below, and see you in the next blog 😉

Treat A Yeast Infection With Yogurt | LIVESTRONG.COM.

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“Seven Pillars of Health” Pillar 3: Living Foods

Go ahead, look in your freezer. I bet a lot of you have a few dead body parts in there…a couple of ribs, a pack of thighs, a shoulder, and maybe a boston butt! Lol! I know this imagery is a little harsh, but when you think about it for what it is, we spend a lot of money, and space, on storing meat. Some of us even have deep freezers just brimming to the top with good ole dead animal flesh…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a vegetarian, or against meat consumption. It is just that I am more conscious of what I am putting in my mouth, and I did not realize how big meat played center stage. As a culture, we plan our whole meals around what we consider to be the main entree – meat. In this third pillar of health, Dr. Colbert talks about how vitally important it is to eat living foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts versus dead foods – meats, processed foods, preservative filled, or chemically laden. Living foods are full of the vital nutrients we need to promote life to our bodies. I like to call it regeneration food, because that is exactly what living food does. Have you ever ate something like a salad, and felt wholesome, and on another occasion ate something that was “fried, died, and to the side” and felt a mess! I know I have. It seems the more industrialized we become as a nation, the more our food is becoming unrecognizable. High fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and MSG have found its way on the bulk of what we commercially find on the grocery store shelves, and you about have to be a detective reading labels and making sure what you put in your cart is kosher, so to speak. These, among other things, are what is sapping our health, causing obesity, driving diabetes, and we have to make a concerted effort to be sober when it comes to shopping for our food.

I say this alot in my house – “anything that crosses my lips better be worthy to go into it.” Yes, I have discriminating taste when it comes to food and I make no bones about it! I’m more interested in what is in it, the quality, where it came from, and how will it make me feel afterwards. I hear alot of people say, “I can’t afford to eat healthy,” and I say, “You can’t afford not too!” Food is our medicine, our source, our energy, our health…we depend on it. And your body is depending on YOU to give it what it needs – living foods.

Today, I want you to take an inventory of your fridge and see how many whole fruits and vegetables you have. Matter of fact, put living foods on one side of the fridge and processed foods on the other, and see for yourself if there is room for improvement.

The next time you fix your plate, make 50% to 75% of your plate vegetables, and the other 25% meat or whole grains. We have to change the way we see food and our plates. Let’s redefine it by choosing life…in our food 🙂

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Lavender Oil

I love, love, love lavender! A few drops in your bath, in your massage lotion, or added to water to spritz on your sheets, and you will sleep like a baby! I’m about to plant some in containers this weekend 🙂

Lavender Oil.

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