“Food is Medicine!” Coconut oil rids Candida

23 Mar

Last night I had a bad dream that my beloved Publix had closed and was turned into a toy store. In the dream I was saddened by not having the convenience of being able to make a quick run to the grocery store and catch the BOGOF sales. I was so relieved that Publix was still there when I awoke this morning. Might just have to go spend some money there today just to do my part to keep them in business! Weird dream, huh? It could have been that baked ziti I ate at 11:00 last night before going to bed…(Lol!)

Anyway, I wanted to finish talking about coconut oil by sharing a tidbit of information on the benefits of coconut oil to rid Candida (yeast). If you do the research, you will find that alot of ailments that cannot be fully explained have been tied possibly to systemic yeast in our bodies, i.e. unexplained fatigue, hair loss, allergies, bloating, itchy skin, thyroid issues, hormone imbalance, just to name a few. Everyone has yeast in their body to some extent, but yeast overgrowth or imbalance happens when the normal bacterial flora has been compromised due to lowered immune system from illness, overuse of antibiotics, or parasite infections. Yeast being a type of parasite itself, you can see how balance is key and the importance of keeping the “good bugs” in check with the bad ones. A healthy immune system is our first line of defense against illness, and coconut oil has been found to be an amazing natural pathogen killer against yeast, lice, ringworms, etc. In fact, some think that the skin condition eczema, psoriasis, and excessive dandruff are related to a systemic yeast condition that produces an allergic reaction on the skin. Interesting, huh?

Click on the link below to learn about how coconut oil helps rid Candida. I will have a blog in the future talking more specifically about the yeast connection and its effect on our whole body, but for now I hope you find the attached article interesting enough to dig a little deeper on your own. Coconut oil, coconut water, and coconut milk are all wonderful foods that we can incorporate in our diet for lasting benefits and to keep bacterial flora in check. Matter of fact, I think I will go make me a coconut milk banana smoothie right now 🙂 Cheers to a great weekend!

How Does Coconut Oil Kill Candida? | LIVESTRONG.COM.


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3 responses to ““Food is Medicine!” Coconut oil rids Candida

  1. Nestor Arends

    October 7, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Ringworm is quite itchy but it can easily be treated by over the counter topical anti-fungals. .`.;’

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    • thepreparedtable73

      October 7, 2012 at 2:39 pm

      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I agree that ringworm can be treated effectively using conventional over-the-counter products, and I am not giving medical advice not to use conventional medicine when necessary, but the premise of this blog post was to show how natural food, as seen in coconut oil, can be used as natural medicine for those who opt for an alternative homeopathic approach.


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