“Food is Medicine!” Coconut Oil

21 Mar

I’m keeping it in the family today! On Monday I introduced you to coconut water, and today I want to introduce you to the king of coconut products when it comes to unsurpassed health and beauty benefits – coconut oil. The research on coconut oil is outstanding and cannot be contained in one blog alone, so I will try my best to do it justice. To put it simply, coconut oil rules supreme! Not only does this oil aid in boosting your thyroid, immune system, insulin resistance, weight loss, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties, but coconut oil is an outstanding anti-aging product. And because of its high lauric acid content, it is great for eczema or rough, dry, patchy skin. My daughter had a few eczema spots that cleared right up when using coconut oil. It truly works from the inside out, and the outside in. Let me share with you briefly some of the research and my own personal benefits I have gotten from coconut oil.

First off let me say that all coconut oil is not created equal. You need to look for raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, organic, coconut oil. Nutiva makes a great organic olive oil, along with Garden of Life. Those are the top brands that I have used and that I can attest to. I tried buying a generic brand coconut oil and it was NOT the same. To get the best benefits, I highly recommend you stick with either of those two brands, because the quality is there. Coconut oil can be used both internally and externally, as well as in your cooking. Matter of fact, coconut oil is the best oil to use for high heat cooking, so it is excellent to use to fry with. I love making coconut battered shrimp and frying them in coconut oil – oh my goodness, stellar! I also fry my plaintains in coconut oil, fry eggs, fry my pancakes, and even pop my whole kernel popcorn in it. Some even use it as an oil replacement in their baked goods like muffins and cookies. The health benefits are still there when you cook with it, and is a much better health alternative than some of the other oils. To consume coconut oil, It is recommended to consume 3 tbspn a day for best results. Of course this can be spaced out, and I will either eat it right off the spoon, add it to a smoothie or fiber shake, or put a spoonful in a hot tea I am drinking. It has a light coconut smell and taste to it that you will enjoy.

Did you know that coconut oil can help prevent you from early graying, help thicken and impart glorious shine to your hair, and help aging skin? Look at people who live in the Pacific Islands and how amazing their hair and skin is. I personally can attest to the above as I use coconut oil in my hair and on my skin. For my hair, I use it as a hot oil treatment, or I will rub it throughout my hair before bed, put a head wrap on, and then get up the next morning and wash and condition my hair. My hair is thicker, silky smooth, and amazingly moisturized when I do this, with no greasy residue! My daughter has natural hair, and she uses it as a sealant on her hair for moisturization and to define her curls. My husband uses it on his face and scalp after he shaves himself bald throughout the week, as it helps to prevent folliculitis from shaving. For my skin, I absolutely swear by coconut oil! I must say that to be pushing 40, I am proud of my skin and I attribute it to good genes, and using coconut oil. When I finish showering, the first thing I do is lightly towel off, and then rub down my whole body in coconut oil, paying extra attention to legs, feet, and arms, and any dry spots. I also like to rub it in my cuticles too. Then I follow with my favorite lotion of choice, or you could choose to skip this step (I like the layering effect). My skin looks amazingly toned, supple, and moisturized. I also use coconut oil as a face moisturizer, paying close attention to my lips and eye areas. Just a little dab will do you, so don’t use alot – you don’t want to look like you just crawled out of an oil slick (Lol!). The oil will naturally melt in your hands from your body temperature, so scoop it out in small increments, paying close attention to make sure it is completely rubbed in and absorbed to your skin. Coconut oil has been shown to reverse damaging effects of aging skin and actually increases circulation and suppleness to your skin. In the summer, I like how the sun hits my skin and imparts a golden bronze when I use coconut oil. My husband also compliments me on how delicious my skin feels, smells, and tastes…but we won’t go there 😉

Click on the link below and read up on the amazing benefits of coconut oil. I am telling you, you will fall in love with this product. I love it so much I keep one in the kitchen for cooking, and one in my bathroom for external use on my skin and hair. Before long, you will be buying it by the vat fulls.

Update: I recently came across an article about using coconut oil as a face cleanser. It melts makeup away, and leaves the face soft and dewy. You could follow this up by adding a little baking soda to a little coconut oil for a nice facial scrub. Fantastic and simple beauty regimen. This truly is your all in one!

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Coconut Oil Benefits: When Fat Is Good For You.

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    This is still the best kept beauty secret. I mix it in with my cocoa butter lotion for the winter and my skin has been amazingly moisturized. I even heard rubbing it in helps to rid cellulite. We’ll have to just see about that…


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