“Cheap Date!” Valentine’s Day Edition

14 Feb

I’m a cheap date, and proud of it! Nothing makes me more happier, or turned on, than to know that my boo went out of his way to create something fun, memorable, and CHEAP to do. Love don’t cost a thing, so this Valentine’s Day, I want to share a couple of tips on how to create a fun, flavorful evening, for $20, or less!

1. Coffee shop date. Who does not like the iconic idea of a coffee shop romance. Pick your favorite coffee shop or pastry shop, and show up in separate vehicles to meet each other to enjoy a cozy table for 2, while you enjoy a specialty coffee drink or danish. One of the most memorable moments I have is my husband waking me up on a Saturday morning with my favorite coffee drink and scone from Starbuck’s. He won major brownie points for that 🙂

2. Bookstore poetry corner. I like a book worm! A person interested in books is delightful to be around and looks smart…(so guys, fake it for one night…Lol!). Make a trip with your date to the bookstore, pull a book off the shelf and peruse through it together on a comfortable sofa spot tucked away, while enjoying something from their coffee shop. The next week or so, surprise your love by presenting them with the book you purchased for them. They will be so happy that you remembered them, and that book will stand out as a treasured keepsake.

3. Create a love photo album together. Get your photos out, and use Valentine’s Day as a time to get a nice glass of sparkling juice, virgin daiquiri, or drink of your choice, and create an album that shows moments of love you shared that previous year. This will also give you time to talk about what you want to do together in the future this year.

4. Living room picnic. Put the kids to bed early, light the fireplace or some candles, lay a blanket down with a few of your favorite snacks, or a light meal, and enjoy a quiet time together snuggling and conversating. Don’t fight the crowd, make your home a sanctuary for the evening…or better yet, take the party to your bedroom and have the picnic there 😉

5. Fix dinner together. Fix each other’s favorite dish together in the kitchen, but keep it simple! Or for an added twist, fix a surprise dish ahead of time, put it in a concealed container in the fridge, and on Valentine’s Day heat it up and let them guess what it is. But please, make sure it is edible…Lol!

6. Bring take-out home. Olive Garden’s Jumbo Salad with a dozen of breadsticks is a cheer here, complete with their croutons, dressing, and parmesan cheese, a huge amount of food for about $16. Ask them to give you the breadsticks uncooked, with the butter and garlic on the side. Have him swing by and pick it up, you cook the breadsticks fresh at home, and the two of you will have a beautiful light dinner. Who doesn’t love their salads. They have sauces (about $5 a pint) and soups too very cheap to order family style, so have fun with it. I like the alfredo sauce to dip my breadsticks in – so good. Or, find another restaurant that has cheap meals that you guys enjoy…wings, pizza, etc. and pull out your best dishes and serve it pretty.

7. Exchange love letters. Don’t waste money on someone else’s words, but find some pretty paper, write a love letter, and send it through the mail. Then when you have had time to share them with each other, add them to your love album book to keep to look back on. Make sure to snap a real time picture of the two of you to include in it to see how far you have came.

8. Plant a flower, shrub, or plant in your garden together – then watch it grow, as you grow, from thorns to roses 🙂

9. Drinks and jazz! Be “sir-mix-a-lot” or “girl-mix-a-lot” and play your favorite tunes for the night, clear the living floor for a dance floor, and enjoy mixing up your virgin daiquiris, etc., throughout the evening and slow dance. A perfect party for two to maybe try out some “Dancing With the Stars” moves…

10. Don’t have money for a hotel stay? Create your own bed and breakfast or deluxe mini suite by sprucing up your bedroom with fluffy blankets, sheets, flowers, candles, snacks, and take a beautiful bath together, and then enjoy the rest of the evening in your robes and slippers. Surprise them with a new robe, socks, or slippers if they do not have one! And to top it off the next morning, fix a nice quick breakfast of french toast, croissants, fresh fruit, juice, coffee, etc. to enjoy together in bed. Make it decadent!

Remember, it is all in the thought and the presentation. Tonight, I will be doing numbers 4 and 6, to create a perfect “10” evening 🙂

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