“Quality over Quantity” Day 1: Put your money where your mouth is . . .

01 Feb

Hope you have noticed the new face lift our blog has undergone to make it more visible and user friendly. We hope you are able to navigate through the blogs more easily, and of course we welcome you to leave comments or asks questions on any post that interests you. We want this blog to be interactive, so feel free to jump right in. Today marks day 1 in our new blog series, “Quality over Quantity.” During this month, we will be discussing how to choose wisely when it comes to buying foods, stocking your cupboards, outfitting your kitchen, and what items are worth the splurge. So before we go any further, let’s define what we mean by the term.

“Quality over quantity” is quite simply the preference for better things versus more things. It does not denote having just the finer things in life, but investing in a few GOOD things that will help simplify your life that will yield quality results. This notion rings not only true for clothes, cars, appliances, etc., but food as well. Let’s face it . . . you can feel, smell, touch, hear, and smell quality, because it awakens our senses to discern that, “Yes, this is not just mediocre, but better than what I am accustomed to.” As we talk about this notion of quality versus quantity, we have to ask ourselves some very important questions:

1. Do I want more, or better? For me, the answer is simple…I would rather have 5 GOOD things than 20 mediocre things. I use this principle in the clothes I buy, as well as the food I purchase. You would be surprised to know that I don’t have a lot of clothes in my closet, or go shopping a lot, but when I do, I only invest in what would be an asset to what I already have. There is mileage in quality.

2. What is the end result I want? Do you want the BEST cake you have ever tasted? Then use QUALITY ingredients. Do you want the BEST cooking results in your kitchen? Then make sure you invest in QUALITY cookware. You can’t buy mediocre products and expect expertise results. There is a reason why places like Gigi Cupcakes have a large customer base – because it is the quality of their products that keeps people coming back. You can use that same principle in your kitchen, and have people wanting to come back for more.

3. Am I willing to require only the best? This statement goes a long way. It is absolutely okay to have discriminate tastes. Sometimes we associate that with being snobbish, which is not true! If you are paying for it, why would you not want the best? Don’t you think YOU are worth it? It took me a while to grasp this concept. I would go to restaurants and order below what I could get, because “it’s just a meal.” Yeah, I was full, but I was not satisfied. You want your meals to SATISFY you, or else what is the point in eating anyway. Taking pleasure in every morsel of food you eat is one of the simplest things you can do for yourself that not only is healthy nutritionally, but psychologically as well. God gave us all of our senses to enjoy supremely, so take pride in knowing that it is your right to do so.

These are a few things I want for you to ponder as we delve more into this series. I wanted to just spend today laying down the concept for what we mean when we coin the phrase “quality over quantity.” Yes, you can have a few things and achieve outstanding results. Stay tuned, for we have some very interesting topics to share from the “best” butter, to the “best” cookware; to even how to dine at the “best” restaurants – for cheap! We will do this all from a budget standpoint. We all want to save money, and eat good, and I am going to show you how to do it well!

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