“Eating Good – Daniel Style!” Day 9 “Meat – why is it bad?”

13 Jan

It’s Friday again, and I thought I would lighten up this blog today with a little humor.  So I came across this excerpt from an article on meat and realized that by me consuming animal meat, indirectly I was taking on some of their hormonal traits and moods!  So imagine my reasoning and dialogue with God over some of my “past” behaviors.  It is a fast afterall and I want spiritual renewal, right?  Here is how my conversation went…

“Lord, I feel like I have cheated you all this time as I look at how I done took on animal nature rather than yours.  I done been a chicken, a turkey, a pig, and a cow.”  As I was saying this out loud to myself, one of my daughters innocently  from the kitchen said, “Mom, you haven’t eaten a dog before!”  I don’t know what she was insinuating, but we will just leave that alone …you can fill in the blanks 😀

Ok…here is the article excerpt…So glad God has a sense of humor 🙂

Meat and Energy Level

Then why do people say they feel more energized when they eat meat? Generally, meat is high in hormone and body chemicals because when animal dies, the death stress induces hormonal release to muscles. In addition, these days man made hormones are also injected to animal body. When animals are killed, they release hormones enables animals to use above its normal power so to help escape the death situation which. When human eat meat, they acquire the same hormone and feel more power as well. However, that is not all. Animals which are forcibly killed resist and try to survive. Every emotion have corresponding chemical in human and animal body. When animal dies animal release chemicals corresponds to fear, panic, and stress to its body. So those chemicals are all over meat and blood. Reflecting what kinds of treatment they get during they are raised, even if they died in humane way, their body is loaded with chemicals which corresponds to these negative chemicals. Also when a person eat animal hormone daily basis in long period of time, the body’s ability to release natural hormone to the body tend to become debilitate. Through sex hormone eaten from eating meat, body gets that sudden energy, but eating meat on regular basis also result diminished ability to produce this hormone in our own body. ia Meat – why is it bad?.

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